5. Remove the lid and the protective cardboard tube from the powder measure and place it onto the powder die FIG 92. Turn down the two clamp screws until they are snug. Then loosen them slightly. The measure should move freely atop the die.

F. Station 2 - About powder bars:

Dillon Precision manufactures four types of powder bars for the XL 650:

1. Extra Small - use for dropping less than 3 grains of powder.

2. Small - use for dropping 3 to 10 grains of powder.

3. Large - use for dropping 10 to approx. 45-50 grains of powder.

4. Magnum - use for dropping more than approx. 45-50 grains of powder.

The extra small powder bar is used when loading .32 Auto, .32 S&W and .32 SWL. Both the extra small powder bar and the magnum powder bar are non-standard items and are ordered separately. The large and small powder bar, on the other hand, are standard equipment and are included with every XL 650. If you ordered your machine set up for a specific caliber, the proper size powder bar should already be installed. If you need to change out the powder bar - refer to "Powder Bar Adjustment" in the Caliber Conversion Section on page 30.

G. Station 2 - Adjustment of Powder Die/Powder Funnel

Important: Adjusting the powder die for a bottle-necked case is not the same as adjusting the powder die for straight-walled cases. This is because bottle-necked cartridges are not given a bell - straight-walled cases are given a bell. For straight-walled cartridges refer to the pistol section.

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