For the powder bar to properly dispense a measured powder charge, the powder bar must travel its full distance. To travel its full distance, the white cube must contact the powder measure body (see arrow FIG 93).

When adjusting the powder die for a bottle-necked cartridge, the objective is to adjust the powder die so that the powder bar just travels the full distance and no further (see arrow FIG 93). If you try to apply the procedures used for belling a straight walled case, as when loading pistol cartridges, you will crush the bottle-necked case and possibly damage the powder measure.

Note: If the powder die is not adjusted down far enough to cause the powder bar to travel its full distance the powder charge will be erratic.

Note: Whenever sizing a bottle-necked case you must lubricate the case first, otherwise you will stick the case inside the sizing die. For more information refer to the section "Lubricating Your Brass" (page 11).

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