4. FIG 164 Empty the remaining primers by placing a finger over the primer shield cap, inverting the magazine and carefully pouring the primers onto the primer flip tray. Put the primers back into their original box.

5. If any primers remain in the primer area (on the machine) carefully remove them.

6. If you need to change the rotary primer disc go to Step 6. If you only to need empty the primer magazine, reinstall the primer system at this time.

Note: About Steps 6, 7 and 8. If you're changing from a large rifle/pistol primer to a small rifle/pistol primer or vice versa, the rotary primer disc, primer magazine, and primer punch will have to be changed. This is because each of these three items are designed specifically for either large rifle/pistol primers or small rifle/pistol primers.

Step 6) Change the rotary primer disc (see note above):

Note: The two different size rotary primer discs are labeled L (large) and S (small).

1. Remove the shellplate (ref. Step 4).

2. Remove the primer system and empty the primer magazine (ref. Step 5).

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