2. Insert the rod (#13629) through the holes FIG 102.

3. Loosen the blue plastic wing nut (#13799) FIG 102.

Note: The powder check system does not guarantee the accuracy of the powder charge. It is designed to warn you if the powder charge is grossly out of tolerance, i.e., no powder or a double charge.

Warning: A double-charged round (a loaded round with twice as much powder as it should have) can damage your gun as well as cause bodily injury.

Warning: A round loaded without powder can also damage your gun as well as cause bodily injury. If a round without powder is fired in your gun, the detonation of the primer will push the bullet part way down the barrel. If the lodged bullet is not removed before another round is fired, the gun will be damaged.

4. Slide the failsafe rod into the failsafe return bracket. Push the shoulder washer up into place (see arrow FIG 103) and tighten the blue plastic wing nut until the spring just touches the underside of the bracket.

Note: The powder measure is filled and the powder bar is adjusted after installing and adjusting the rest of the dies.

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