Also the belling process does not begin until after the powder bar has traveled its full distance. The angled portion on the bottom of the powder funnel (see arrow FIG 41) is what bells the cartridge. Once the white cube has contacted the powder measure body the case is forced upward against the tapered portion of the powder funnel producing a bell. The more the powder die is adjusted down (clockwise) the more the case will be belled.

Note: If the powder die is not adjusted down far enough to cause the powder bar to travel its full distance the powder charge will be erratic and the case will not receive enough bell.

To adjust the powder die/powder funnel:

1. Drop a case into the casefeed funnel and cycle the handle. The case should now be in the shellplate at Station 1.

2. Raise the platform. Notice the resistance at the end of the downstroke. This is the resistance of the case in the sizing die. Lower the platform. The case will index to Station 2.

3. Raise the platform. Check to see how far the powder bar has traveled FIG 40.

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