Note: After raising the handle, insure that you push the handle against its full aft stop FIG 81. This will insure that the case is fully inserted into Station 1.

Note: When priming, pushing the handle against its full aft stop will insure that the primer is fully seated.

6. Again raise the platform. The case is now sized. If the case has a spent primer, it will be deprimed. Notice the resistance at the end of the downstroke. This is the resistance of the case in the sizing die. Lower the platform. The case will index to Station 2.

7. Remove the case from Station 2 and place it in the case gage. From this point - follow the instructions provided under "Rifle Section B. Station 1 -How to use the Case Gage."

8. Once the sizing die is properly adjusted, replace the case into Station 1 and raise the platform. Leave the platform in the raised position with the case fully inserted in the die. This will ensure that the die remains in position when tightening the lockring.

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