Once the powder bar travels fully across you should continue to adjust the powder die for the desired amount of bell (turn the powder die 1/8 of a turn at a time). The desired amount bell is just enough to allow the bullet to sit on the case mouth without falling off and to keep the case from shaving lead during the seating process (see "A" FIG 43).

Note: If you screw the die down too far, the case will look like example "C" FIG 43. You must then discard this case, back the powder die off, by turning it counter-clockwise, and continue with a new sized case.

4. If the white cube has not traveled its full distance, lower the platform just enough to pull the case off of the powder funnel (this will prevent the shellplate from indexing while you adjust the powder die). While holding the powder measure, turn the die down 1/8 of a turn FIG 42. Again raise the platform and observe the travel of the powder bar.

5. Repeat step four until the powder bar travels its full distance FIG 40.

You'll soon learn to judge the correct amount of bell by simply looking at it. In the meantime, you might want to use your dial calipers to check it. Twenty thousandths of an inch greater (at the mouth of the case) than its original diameter, should about do it.

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