Step 15) Change out the casefeed disc FIG 187:

Change the casefeed disc only if your caliber conversion requires it.

1. Grip the casefeed plate clutch drive FIG 187 and pull upward. The case-feed disc will slip off the motor drive shaft.

2. To install the new casefeed plate -place the casefeed plate clutch drive on the motor driveshaft. Slowly rotate the disc until the groove on the drive shaft aligns with the notch in the plate. The casefeed plate will then slip down onto the motor shaft and into place.

Note: About Steps 16 and 17. Both the camming pin and Station 2 locator tab do not require removal or replacement. Instead, depending on the caliber change, they may need to be readjusted. Whether or not these two items need to be adjusted depends on the diameter of the base of the case and noth ing else. If, for example, you are converting from 9mm to .45 ACP, because the diameter of the two cases are different, both the cam ming pin and Station 2 locator will need to be readjusted. If, on the other hand, you are converting from, say, .45 ACP to .30-06 or .308, you will not have to readjust these two items - the diameters at the base of these cases are the

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