7. Repeat as necessary until the correct overall length is achieved. Use a dial caliper or equivalent to measure the overall length of the cartridge FIG 119. Check the overall length of the round against the information in your reloading manual.

M.Station 5 - Installation and adjustment of the Crimp Die FIG 121:

1. Screw the crimp die into Station 5. Screw it down until it is flush with the bottom of the toolhead. This is a good starting point for the crimp adjustment.

2. Place a lubricated cartridge with a properly seated bullet into Station 5.

3. Raise the platform and continue to screw the die down until it stops.

4. Lower the platform and give the die a half turn down; again, raise the platform.

5. Lower the platform halfway and inspect the cartridge. If the desired amount of crimp has not been achieved, give the die a 1/4 turn down and try again. Continue making small adjustments to your crimp die until the desired amount of crimp has been achieved.

6. Once the adjustment is complete, place the case back into Station 5 and raise the platform. Using a 1 1/8" wrench to turn the lockring and a 7/8" wrench to hold the die body, snug the lockring.

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