You are now ready to fill the powder measure FIG 135, but first you'll need to refer to your reloading handbook. Under the section specified for the caliber you're loading you'll see a number of suitable powders. Also given are "suggested starting loads" and "maximum loads" (Lyman Reloading Handbook).

Note: We do not recommend using IMR stick powders (looks like pencil lead) when loading a caliber size less than 25 caliber. We do not recommend using maximum loads of powder.

Warning: Wear safety glasses whenever working with live primers. Safety glasses are available from Dillon Precision Products.

Note: Insure that you have the proper powder bar installed. To do so refer to "About Powder Bars" on page 13. For instructions on how to change the powder bar, refer to Step 19 in the Caliber Conversion Section, page 41.

1. Put on your safety glasses.

properly adjust the powder bar. Dillon Precision Products offers two types of scales FIG 134. On the right, and electronic scale, and on the left, a balance beam scale.

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