1. Mount the left side of the machine with the small washers on top and the large washers on the bottom FIG 3. Run the two left side nuts down finger tight.

2. Place the chute/bin bracket FIG 2 on the right side of the machine. As before, place the small washer on top and the large washers on the bottom and thread the nuts.

Note: The chute/bin mount goes under the two right hand mounting bolts so it must be installed as you are mounting the machine FIG 2. Check the fit of the chute/bin mount. The chute/bin mount should rest snugly against the frame. Also, make sure that the walls of the chute are parallel and have not been bent during shipping or installation.

3. Using two 7/16" wrenches, tighten all four bolts down.

3. Initial Set Up

If you ordered your XL 650 for a specific caliber, it comes factory adjusted for that caliber (minus dies) with the appropriate "caliber specific" parts included. In fact, a Dillon technician runs casings and primers through the machine to check its function.

Note: As you assemble your machine, we recommend that you cross check caliber specific parts, included with your machine, with those specified in the caliber conversion chart (pages 42-44). The point being - if we sent you the wrong part, you'll want to know it before getting started. Reference page 35 for instructions on how to use the caliber conversion chart.

Dillon 650 Manual

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