B. Powder Check System Demonstration:

1. Place a primed but empty case (case with no powder) into Station 3 and raise the platform. The contact pin is above the groove FIG 144 (the alarm sounds) indicating that the case has a low or no charge.

2. Lower the platform. Remove the empty case from Station 4 and place it in Station 2.

3. With the empty case in Station 2 give it a double charge.

a. Raise the platform all the way to charge the case.

b. Lower the platform halfway (enough for the powder bar to return to its starting point without indexing the case to Station 3 and releasing the locklink).

c. Again, raise the platform to give the case a second charge of powder.

d. Index the case to Station 3 by lowering the platform all the way. (The case is now double charged and ready to be checked by the Powder Check System.)

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