Getting Started

l.Unboxing Your Machine:

After opening the box, check the contents against the list below. If any items are missing or damaged, call us right away so we can send out a replacement at no charge.

You should have the following:

1. Machine with toolhead and toolhead retaining pins installed

2. Operating handle assembly with washer and lock nut

3. Casefeed mounting post

4. Casefeed tube

5. Casefeed support bracket

6. Primer Early Warning System bag containing:

a. Primer Early Warning System (with AAA battery included)

b. Primer follower rod (16" black plastic rod)

7. Primer system parts bag containing:

a. Powder Measure Failsafe assembly (10" black metal rod w/ hardware)

b. One small and one large primer pickup tube - 12" aluminum tube each with plastic tip - green tip (large), yellow tip (small)

c. One large and one small plastic tip,


d. Primer feed disk (2" diameter metal disk w/16 small holes)

e. Primer magazine (15" aluminum tube w/ brass tip)

f. Primer punch assembly. (metal w/spring, approximately 2 x 1/2")

g. Two steel hitchpins

8. Conversion kit box (empty)

9. Conversion kit includes caliber specific:

a. Powder funnel b. Casefeed adapter c. Three locator buttons d. Shellplate (installed)

e. Station 1 locator (installed)

f. Casefeed arm bushing (installed)

g. Body bushing (installed)

10. Powder system with powder die

11. Accessory box containing:

a. Cartridge bin (blue plastic, approximately 3 x 4 x7")

b. Ejected cartridge chute (black metal, wrapped in bubble pack)

c. Two 1/4" x 20 x 3": hex bolts and two 1/4" x 20 nuts d. Two Aluminum tube clamps e. Spent primer cup (blue plastic)

f. Extra powder bar g. Three die lockrings (7/8 x 14" thread)

h. Seven Allen wrenches (1/4", 3/16", 5/32", 9/64", 1/8", 3/32", 5/64")

12. Casefeed assembly (optional)

13. Casefeed accessory bag containing:

a. Casefeed funnel adapter (white)

b. Spacer washer c. Casefeed mounting post set screw

14. Mounting hardware kit (optional)

15. Three die set (optional)

16. Powder check system (optional)

2.Mounting your XL 650:

A. Locate a sturdy bench at least

24" wide and 14" deep, with 44" of overhead clearance. We suggest a minimum of 1" plywood or equivalent, secured to the back wall. The workbench should be tall enough to place your eye level about 18" above the bench.

Note: It is important that the leading edge of the bench has an overhang of at least 3/4". If the overhang is less than 3/4", the crank will interfere with the front of the bench when the operating handle is lowered. Unless you have Strong Mounts, then none of this is necessary.

B. Tools Needed:

You will need the following to mount and set up your machine:

1. Electric drill

2. 17/64" drill bit preferred, 1/4" - 9/32" OK

3. Mounting Hardware Kit (#14355) or four 1/4" through bolts with nuts and washers

Note: The bolts should be at least 1 1/2" longer than the thickness of the mounting surface.

4. Two 7/16" wrenches if using kit

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