(1) Requires casefeed adapter funnel (#13688), see manual for installation instructions.

(2) Requires casefeed spacer washer, see manual for installation instructions.

About Powder Bars: Dillon Precision manufactures four types of powder bars for the XL 650:

1. Extra Small - use for dropping less than 3 grains of powder

2. Small - use for dropping 3 to 20 grains of powder

3. Large - use for dropping 20 to approximately 45 to 50 grains of powder

4. Magnum - use for dropping 50 or more grains of powder

The extra small powder bar is used when loading 32 Auto, 32 S&W and 32 SWL. Both the extra small powder bar and the magnum powder bar are non-standard items and are ordered separately. The large and small powder bar, on the other hand, are standard equipment and are included with every XL 650.

650 Caliber Conversion Chart - Rifle To order a complete conversion use the 5 digit number to the right of the caliber listing. To order individual parts use the 5 digit number below the description. Casefeed discs are not included in caliber conversion kits.

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