(1) 13204

(1) 13930 (B) 13587

(1) 13595 (Black) 13541 (White) 13661 (Med) 13604

(LR) 21075

Lg Med

1. How to use the Caliber Conversion Chart:

To explain the Caliber Conversion Chart we are going to compare the pistol caliber of .38 Spl. to the rifle caliber of .30-06 FIG 154.

By comparing the two columns, you can see which parts need to be changed. In this comparison, .38 Spl. vs. .30-06, you can see that none of the part numbers match up, therefore, all of the those parts would need to be changed. This, however, is not always the case. If you compare .30-06 to .308/7.62 Nato, you'll find that they are exactly the same. Another example would be .38 Spl. vs. .357 Magnum. As you can see, they too are identical. Some caliber comparisons will show that only a couple of parts are different - in this case, instead of ordering an entirely new caliber conversion kit, you have the option of ordering only those parts needed to complete your caliber conversion.

2. Conducting the Caliber Conversion

(The following steps are in the sequential order in which the caliber conversion is to be conducted):

Note: Included in the following is a complete list of all the items that need to be considered when conducting a caliber conversion. This is not a list of all the items that will need to changed or readjusted - this is a complete list of all the items that may need to be changed or readjusted. The items that need to be changed or readjusted will depend on the caliber your XL 650 is currently set up to load and the caliber you're changing to.

Step 1) Remove the cases from the machine:

1. Turn off the casefeed system

2. Remove the remaining cases from the casefeed tube and the casefeed bowl.

Step 2) Remove the powder from the powder measure:

Depending on the caliber change, you may have to change powders and/or the powder bar. If so, you'll need to empty the powder from the powder measure.

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