(4) 14047

(T) 13407

(B) 13156

(BlackModS) 14395

(Yellow) 13619





(3) These caliber conversions come with an oversized casefeed tube, casefeed funnel, and complete casefeed body assembly.

(4) For 7.62x39 primer systems, Remington made brass requires the small primer system, all others require the large primer system.

About Powder Bars: Dillon Precision manufactures four types of powder bars for the XL 650:

1. Extra Small - use for dropping less than 3 grains of powder

2. Small - use for dropping 3 to 20 grains of powder

3. Large - use for dropping 20 to approximately 45 to 50 grains of powder

4. Magnum - use for dropping 50 or more grains of powder

The extra small powder bar is used when loading 32 Auto, 32 S&W and 32 SWL. Both the extra small powder bar and the magnum powder bar are non-standard items and are ordered separately. The large and small powder bar, on the other hand, are standard equipment and are included with every XL 650.

Platform Assembly see page 54 for more details

Complete Powder Measure

Assembly see page 56 for more details

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