Lubricating Brass

To lubricate brass, use "Dillon Case Lubricant" (item# 13733).

Pistol - If you're using a carbide sizing die, you will not need to lubricate your cases (before sizing) when loading straightwalled cases. If you're not using a carbide sizing die, you must lube the brass before sizing. We do, however, recommend lubricating all brass.

Rifle - Lubricate all bottle-necked cases, even if you're using a carbide sizing die.

To lubricate your cases, start by ensuring that they are clean. Place your clean brass in a shallow box so the cases are laying on their side. Pump a couple of sprays of Dillon Case Lubricant over the cases. Shake the box so the cases will tumble and roll. Repeat this process again making sure that the lubricant is well distributed over the

Note: When loading rifle cartridges, if your sizing die doesn't have a carbide case mouth expander, you may want to allow a little bit of lube to get inside the case mouth.

Note: When loading bottle-necked cartridges, if you get an excessive amount of lube on the shoulder of the case, it will leave oil dents. Regardless of whether you're lubri cating pistol or rifle cases - do not drench the cases in lubricant. A light film of lubricant is sufficient.

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