Pistol Section

Toolhead Set Up

To set up the toolhead you'll need to have empty brass, bullets, primers and powder on hand. (For your convenience Dillon Precision offers a wide variety of new primed and unprimed brass, bullets, primers and powder.) For easy access, place your brass in an open container. Dillon Precision also offers a variety of blue bin boxes which come in handy for this purpose.

A. Station 1 - To install the size/decap die FIG 25:

Warning: Never attempt to de-prime live primers, an explosion may result in serious injury or even death.

1. Raise the platform, by lowering the handle all the way down.

2. Screw the sizing die into Station 1. Continue to screw the die down until it just touches the shellplate. Tighten the die lockring finger tight Now lower the platform by raising the handle to its upright position.

3. Place a case in the casefeed funnel. Here, the case drops to the casefeed arm bushing.

4. Raise the platform. The inserter cam pushes the feed arm bushing over the body, dropping the case onto the Station 1 locator.

5. Lower the platform. The case is inserted into Station 1.

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