Cleaning And Maintenance Of Combination Rifle I Shotgun

A) Follow procedures for unloading Combination Rifle / Shotgun as described previously

B) Follow procedures for disassembly of Combination Rifle / Shotgun as described previously.

C) Materials needed to clean this Combination Rifle / Shotgun are: a cleaning rod, cotton bore patches, brass bore brush, powder solvent, a small soft brush and good quality gun oil.

WARNING: Lead or lead compounds are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive toxicity, and other serious physical injury. Those who clean firearms should take protective measures to avoid contact or exposure to such chemicals.

D) Using the bore brush with powder solvent scrub the barrel and chamber to remove any powder and lead residue in the bore. Always and lastly, swab with cotton patch with gun oil to coat and protect the bore and chambers from rust and corrosion.

E) Any powder fowling on the firing wall, barrel, etc can be easily cleaned with a brush and powder solvent.

F) All external surfaces should be wiped down with a light coat of rust preventative. Avoid using too much oil as dust and/or debris can get trapped in the oil creating a gum that in time will cause misfires.

G) CAUTION in using solvents in gun bore cleaning Prolonged or excess contact with finish or bluing can damage the gun's finish Be sure to wipe away all excess solvent ana then lubricate with oil

H) A gun should be cleaned after firing In addition, external parts should be wiped with an oiled cloth after handling A light oil is ordinarily all that is necessary in cleaning if the gun has not been fired or fired very little. If a gun is used frequently, it must be cleaned after each firing and regularly serviced by a professional gunsmith. If the gun has been stored, remove all excess oil and/or grease before firing Always check to be sure that no cleaning patch or other obstruction remains in the bore or chambers before firing

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