A. Filling the magazine

Take the rounds out of the clip and insert them one by one into the magazine, with the base of the cartridge to the rib of the magazine dig. 2).

B. Cocking

The initial cocking of the weapon is done by hand, using the cocking handle on the left hand side of the body. The left hand is used for this operation (Fig. 10).

To insert a filled magazine, the front end should be fitted foremost (fig. 3) into the magazine housing, underneath the body, with a swinging movement, push magazine fully home, where it is secured by the magazine catch.

When the cocking handle is pulled fully to the rear, the mechanism is brought back and the return springs compressed. When the cocking handle is released, the mechanism is sent forward under action of the return springs.

These are housed in the butt and act on the bolt carrier through the carrier rod, hinged to the rear surface of the carrier.

As it moves forward, the bolt exerts pressure on the first round in the magazine and pushes it forward into the chamber, while the extractor dow engages the groove of the cartridge case.

The rifle is now loaded and ready to fire.

As the cocking handle does not move when the gun is fired, it is not a danger to the face of the user, nor does it hinder his aim.

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