Precaution after firing

To be on the safe side, particularly in hot climates, and to make subsequent cleaning of barrel and gas cylinder easier, the user is strongly advised to take the following preventive measure:

Immediately after firing, before leaving the firing range or scene of maneuvers, clean barrel and gas cylinder by wiping with a rag steeped in special oil (Rifle bore oil). This precaution has the effect of:

• Neutralizing the harmful effect of any fouling caused by residue of powder gases

• Preventing the formation of carbon deposits in the gas cylinder and gas block

• Allowing the usual cleaning operations to be postponed for at least 24 hours, without causing any damage.

Within 48 hours of carrying out this precaution, the rifle should be completely cleaned as indicated in paragraphs 2 and 3.



The STG58C functions with very little or practically no lubrication. Before firing, wipe off any oil remaining on barrel and gas cylinder surfaces; if the piston and chromed part of the gas plug have been slightly oiled, dry clean these too.

The tabulation given below gives on one side the list of parts which can be slightly oiled, on the other the list of parts which require no oiling and which, in some cases, can be adversely affected, if oiled.

Components, or parts of components, which will be very slightly oiled

OILED Inner surface of slide

Bolt carrier Body, lower surface and slide groove Holding open device.

Components, or parts of components, which will not be oiled before firing

LEFT DRY Gas cylinder Plug Piston and spring Barrel Chamber Outer surface of slide Front surface of bolt carrier Magazine catch Magazine and magazine platform Sights

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