C13(N3):0; mw 252.45, N 16.64%; dk-orn ndls (fron^ ale), mp 147-9° (turns brn at 145°), expl mildly on rapid heating; was prepd by adding 1 mol of 2,3,5,6-tetrachloro-l,4-benzoquinone to 1 mol of Na azide in glac AcOH at 100°. By slowly heating this compd near or si above the mp, a red liq is obtd

Refs: l)Beil 7,[587] 2)A.Korczynski & St.Namy-slowski,BullFr [4] 35,1189 (1924) & CA 19,644 (1925)

2,5*Diazido»3,6«dichloro*l,4*benzoquinone, 0:C6-C12(N3)2:0; mw 259.02, N 32.45%; vermillion crysts(from glac AcOH), mp expl violently on heating; sol in xylene with decompn; diffc sol in ale or glac AcOH; was prepd by treating 2,3,5,6 -tetrachloro-l,4-benzoquinone(Chloranil) with 4 mols of Na azide in boiling glac AcOH(Ref 2) or by treating 2-azido-3,5,6-trichIoro-l,4-benzo-quinone with 2 mols Na azide in boiling alc(Ref 3). This compd is insensitive to friction or impact. On warming with aniline, it gives 2,5-di-anilino-3,6-dichloro-l,4-benzoquinone and a small quant of a blue-black prod which expl on heating

Refs: l)Beil 7, [587] 2)K.Fries & P.Ochwat, R-r 56,1303(1923) & JCS 124 1,844(1923) 3)A. Korczynski & St.Namyslowski.BullFr [4] 35,1190 (1924) & CA 19,644(1925) 2,3>5*Triazido«6*chloro*l,4{[?)*benzoquinone,0:C6-CI(N3)3:0; mw 265-59, N 47.48%; red-violet cryst, mp-expl on heating; diffc sol in glac AcOH, but not decompd by boiling in glac AcOH; was prepd by treating 2,3,5,6-tetrachloro-l,4-benzoquinone (Chloranil) with an excess of Na azide in boiling ale

Refs: l)Beil 7, [587] 2)A.Korczynski & St. NamysIowski,BullFr [4] 35,1190(1924) & CA 19, 644(1925)

2,3,5,6*Tetraazido*I,4*benzoquinone, 0:C6(N3)4-:0; mw 272.16, N 61.76%; brn-yel to blue-black shiny prisms, mp-expl violently on heating and by impact or friction; diffc sol in cold ale; decompd by dissolving in common org solvs or by Na sulfide soln, evolving nitrogen; also dissolves in NaOH, giving a yel-colored soln, and in sulfuric acid giving a grn soln, both evolving nitrogen; was prepd by treating 2-azido-3,5,6 -trichloro*l,4-benzoquinone in dil ale at 20° with an excess of Na azide(Ref 3) or by carefully warming 2,5-diazido-3,6-dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone in ale with Na azide(Ref 2) Refs: l)Beil 7, [587] 2)K.Fries & P.Ochwat, Ber 56,1304(1923) & JCS 1241,844(1923) 3)A. Korczynski & St.Namyslowski,BullFr [4] 35,1190 (1924) & CA 19,644(1925)

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