Biimidozole and Derivatives

Biimidazole,[called Diimidazyl-(2.2') in Ger], HC-N N-CH, mw 134.14, N 41.77%. Ndls which ii II


sublime without melting. Was prepd in 1859 by H. Debys under the name of Glycosin(Re{ 1). Several metallic and org salts are known(Refs 1,2 & 3) Refs: l)Beil 26,358,(111) & [214] 3)K.Lehmstedi; Ann 456,253(1927) & CA 21,3364(1927) 3)K. Lehmstedt,Ann 507,213-25(1933) & CA 28,767(1934) 1,4'(or l,5')°Dinitrobi imidazole [called 1.4'(bzw 1.5' )-Dinitro-diimidazolyl-(2.2') in Ger], C6H4N60., mw 224.14, N 37.50%. Yel Iflts with 1H20, mp283 (dec); weak expl. Was obtained by Lehmstedt as a by-product during prepn of tetranitrobiimidazole (qv). Its salts are reddish in color Refs: l)Beil 26, [215] 2)K.Lehmstedt,Ann 456, 271(1927) & CA 21,3364(1927)

l,5,4'(or 1,5,5')»Trinitrobi imidazole [called 1.5.4'-(bzw 1.5.5')-Trinitro-diimidazolyl-(2.2') in Ger], CgH3N706, mw 269-14, N 36.43%. Lt brn Iflts with 1.5H20; expl on rapid heating; very diff sol in w, ale or eth. Was obtained by Lehmstedt as one of the products of nitration of biimidazole. Its salts are dark red in color Refs: l)Beil 26,[215] 2)K.Lehmstedt,Ann 456, 270(1927) & CA 21,3364(1927) I,5,l',5'eTetranitro>2,2'°biimidazole [called 1.5.1'.5'-Tetranitro-diimidazolyl-(2.2') in Ger],

02N.C-(02N)N-' '^N(N02)-C.N02 35.67%. Yel prisms with 2H20, mp- dec ca 276° and is very explosive. Sol in w, ale, ether or ethyl acetate. Can be prepd by nitration of biimidazole with concd nitric and sulfuric acid as described in Refs 1 & 2

It forms salts, most of which are explosive. Eg: Disodium salt, Na2C6N808.2H20, orange-red crysts, expl on heating; Dipotassium salt,

K2C6N8°8,2H2°> recJ-t>rn ndls, expl on heating; Disilver salt, Ag2C6N808.2H20, gelatinous brn ppt, expl on heating

Refs: l)Beil 26,[215] 2)K.Lehmstedt,Ann 456, 272-3(1927) & CA 21,3364(1927)

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