Bis[aazidoor anitrobenzylideneazine

under Benzaldehydeazine

Bis*(azidothioformyl)«di sulfide (called Azidocarbon-disulfide by Audrieth and Bis-azidothioformyl-di-sulfid or Azidoschwefelkohlenstoff in Ger), N3.C(:S).S.S.C(:S).N3, mw 236.31, N 35.57%; wh solid; mp-detonates with great violence>40° or when subjected to shock; unstable even at RT; v si sol in w(0.03%); si sol in benz or CS2; sol in methanol, ethanol, ether, CC14 & xylene; v sol in acet & et acet. Can be prepd by treating azido-dithiocarbonic acid (see Vol l,p A632-L) or its alkaline salts with an oxidizing agent, such as iodine in K I soln, H202, KMn04 etc. Only very small quantities(not more than lg) must be prepd at a time and stored for not longer than 48hrs in a desiccator over P2Og. Explns often occur during its prepn and handling. It is a more violent expl than azidodithiocarbonic acid(Refs 1,2 & 3)

A violent expln takes place when bis-(azido-thioformyl)-disulfide is treated with bromine or ammonia(Ref 1)

Refs: l)Beil 3,[160] & i357i 2)L.F.Audrieth, ChemRevs 15,197(1934) 3)InorgSynth 1(1939), 82-4

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