Bisbenzeneazoxyazoxybenzene and Derivatives

Bis( benzene azoxy)-azoxy benzene; Bis(phenylazoxy) -azoxybenzene (called 4.4'-Bis-benzolazoxy-azoxy-benzol in Ger), [C6H5(N20).C6H4.]2(N20); mw 438.43, N 19.17%. The 4,4'-Bis deriv exists in two forms: higher melting form, golden-yel crysts (from benz or petr eth), mp ca 230°, becomes a thick, viscous liq dec at 265°; and lower melting form, copper-red flakes(from benz), mp 223°. Other props and methods of prepn are given in Beil 16,(381) & [324]

Note: Bis(mononitrophenylazoxy)-,C24H ,6Ne07; Bis(dinitrophenylazoxy)-, C24H, 4N, Q0,,; and Bis( trinitrophenylazoxy)-azoxybenzene, C24H12N12015, Derivatives were not found in Beil or in CA thru 1956

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