Bisbiphenyltriazene and Derivatives IIIIBispbiphenyltriazene lDipbiphenyl

-triazene; 4-Diazoaminobiphenyl or 4,4'-Diphenyl-diazoaminobenzene [called 1.3-Bis-p-diphenylyl -triazen-(l) in Ger],

C6H5.C6H4.N:N.NH.C6H4.C6H5; mw 349-42, N 12.03%; yel plates or ndls(from warm ale), mp 147°; sol in benz, AcOH, ale & some other org solvs; insol in w & dil acids; can be prepd by diazotizing p-aminobiphenyl, CgH5.C6H4.NH2 (2 mols) in AcOH with Na nitrite(l mol) or by other methods(Ref 1)

Some of its salts are expl, for example: Perchlorate, (C6HS.C6H4)2N2.NH.C104; crysts, expl on heating; was prepd by treating the triazene with perchloric acid and separating the resulting ppt. It was proposed for use in primary and initiating compns(Ref 4)

In addn to the above p-isomer, called by Fishbein(Ref 4) Diazo-4-aminodiphenyl Perchlorate, there was prepd the o-isomer, called Diazo-2-aminodiphenyl Perchlorate. This isomer also proved to be expl

Refs: l)Beil 16,[356] 2)D.Vorländer,Ber 58, 1914(1925) 3)F.Bell et al.JCS 1926,1246 4)M.S.Fishbein,VoyennayaKhimia 1933,No 6,3 -8 & CA 29,7077(1935)

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