Bisbromoanilinoethane and Derivatives

l,2-Bis(bromoanilino)-ethane or l,2-Bis(bromo• ph enyl amino)-ethane,

Br.C6H4.NH.CH2.CH2.NH.C6H4.Br. Two isomers are described in Ref 2,pp 550 & 557. They may be considered as parent compds of the nitro derivs, although not necessarily used for their prepn

1.2-Bis(bromo-nitroanilino)-ethane Br(OzN)C6H3-NH.CH2.CH2.NH.C6H3(N02)Br. Three isomers are described in Ref 2,pp 551,558 & 864 ],2«<iSis(bromo«dinitro>nitranilino)*ethane, C14H8Br2N80,2; mw 640.10, N 17.50%. Two isomers are known: l,2-Bis-N-(2'-bromo-4' ,6' -dinitronitranilino)- ethane,

Br(02N)2C6H2.N(N02).CH2.CH2.N(N02).C6H2-(N02)2Br, col crysts, mp 240; was prepd by nitrating l,2-bis(2'-bromoanilino)-ethane with absol HN03 at 0°(Ref 2,p 551). Its expl props were not detd l,2-Bis-N'(4'-bromO'2',6'-dinitro-nitranilino) •ethane, pale-yel ndls, mp 205°; was prepd by nitrating l,2-bis(4'-bromoanilino)-ethane or 1,2-bis-(4'-bromo-2'»nitroanilino)-ethane with absol HN03 at 0°(Ref 2,p 557). Its expl props were not detd l,2»Bis(bromo>trinitro*nitranilino)«ethane, C,4H6Br2N100,6; mw 730.10, N 19-18%; One isomer is known: l,2-Bis'N-(5'-bromo-2',4',6'-tri-nitro-nitranilinoh ethane or 1,2-Bis [N-(5-bromo •2' ,4' ,6'-tnnitrophenyl)-nitramino\ethane,

Br(02N)3CsH.N(N02).CH2.CH2.N(N02).C6H(N02)3-Br, crysts, mp 187°; was prepd by nitrating 1,2 -bis-N-(5'-bromo-2'-nitroanilino)-ethane with absol nitric acid at 0°(Ref 2,p 863). Its expl props were not detd

Refs-. l)Beil- not found 2)A.E.Schouten,Rec 56, 55Off, 557ff,863iK1937) & CA 31,5335 & 7045(1937)

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