[called /3./3-Bis-(x,x-dinitro-4-oxy-phenyl)-propan in Ger],(CH3)2C[(02N)2C6H2.0H]2; mw 408.28, N 13.72%; lt-yel crysts, mp 233-4 , expl on heating to higher temps; readily sol in hot w and alkali; diffc sol in alc, benz or eth; can be prepd by nitration of the acetate of 2,2-bis(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-propane(Refs 1 & 2) or by heating equi-molar amts of phenol and acetone in excess H2S04 followed by nitration (Refs 3,4 & 5)

Analogous compds have been prepd by condensing a variety of aldehydes and ketones with phenols, the parent compds forming salts which were claimed to be suitable as ignition agents (Refs 3,4 & 5)

Its Lead Salt of 2,2'-bis(3,5-dinitro-4-hydroxy-phenyl)-propane has been patented(Ref 4) as an ingredient, in admixture with KC103, or zirconium and NS, of ignition compositions; and as being suitable for use in Electric Blasting Initiators Refs: l)Beil 6,1012 2)T.Szeki,CR 1904 11,1737

3)DuPont,BritP 431945(1935) & CA 30,109(1936)

4)W.F.Filbert & W.E.Lawson.USP 2118501(1938)

& CA 32,5630(1938) 5)Blatt,OSRD 2014(1944)

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