4,4'-Sulfonyl-bis(2,6-dinitrophenol) in CA 5th Decennial Formula Index] [called Bis(3.5-dinitro -4-oxy-phenyl>sulfon or 3.5.3'.5'-Tetranitro-4.4' -dioxy-diphenylsulfon in Ger], 0aS[(02N)2C6H2.0H]2; mw 430.27, N 13.02%; very bitter-tasting straw yel ndls(from boiling w), mp 257-258°(Ref 4); insol in most org solvs; can be prepd by nitrating either bis(3-nitro-4-hydroxy-phenyl)-sulfone or bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-sulfone and by hydrolyzing bis(3,5-dinitro-4-chlorophenyl) -sulfone(Refs 1 & 2). It forms salts which can be used in ignition compositions(Ref 3) Refs: l)Beil 6,867 2)F.Ullmann & J.Korselt, Ber 40,647(1907) 3)Blatt,OSRD 2014(1944) 4)G.Machek et al.Montsh 80,9(1949) & CA 43, 6994(1949)

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