N.N'-Bis-(3-nitro-benzalamino)-guanidin or Kohlensäure-imid-bis-(3-nitro-benzalhydrazid) in

Ger], (02N.C6H4.CH:N.NH-)2C:NH; mw 355-31, N 27-60%; yel crysts, mp 240-242°; insol in common org solvs; was prepd by reacting the hydro-bromide of N,N'-diamino-guanidine and m-nitro-benzaldehyde in ale. It forms salts, such as the Hydrobromide, C, gH, 3N704+HBr, yel pdr,gradually reddens in the air and dec at 292°. Other props are given in the Refs. The expl props of the compd and its salts were not detd

Refs: l)Beil 7,(140) 2)A.Gaiter,Gazz 45 1,454 (1915) & JCS 108 1,656(1915)

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