Bisnitrohydroanthranol or Dinitro di

hydroxy-10,10'-dibydroanthracene[caUed 10.10' -Dinitro-10.10'-dioxy-9.10.9'. lO'-tetrahydro-di-anthranyl-(9.9') in Ger],


480.46, N 5.83%; yel ndls, mp sublimes at 120°, dec 267-268°; burns explosively at higher temps or in contact with a flame; si sol in ale, eth or benz; dec in hot dil NaOH; was prepd by adding HN03 dropwise to a mixt of pure anthracene in AcOH and acet at 7-8° during 2 hrs, and heating to 50-55° after standing at RT for two days(Refs 1& 3)

Its Dinitrate, C28H22N4010, mp 290°, resembling bis(nitrohydroanthranol) in all other props, was obtd when the product of nitration was heated to 50-55° after 3 hrs standing at RT(Refs 2 & 3)

Refs: l)Beil 7,[797] 2)Beil 5,[572] 3)J.S. Turski & A.Berlandstein,RoczChem 7,457(1927) & CA 22,3159(1928)

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