Bispentafluorosulfur PeroxideSFscol

liq,fr p -95.4, bp 49.4°; it is one of the useful reagents for producing certain peroxides. Its prepn and props are described in detail by C.I.Merrill and G.H.Cady,Univ of Washington (Seattle),Tech Rept No 27(1960) (9pp) (to Office of Naval Research)

l,2*Bis(phenylamino)*ethane. See Bis(anilino) -ethane

Bis(phenylamino)*ethanol. See Di(phenyl)-amino -N-ethanoI

l,3»Bis(phenylamino)«propane. See Bis(anilino) -propane

4,4'*Bis(phenylazo)*azoxybenzene. See Bis-(benzene azo)-azoxy benzene

Bis(phenylazobenzene). See Bis(benzeneazo-benzene)

N,N'-Bi s(phenylazo)-cyclo-2,3,5,7-penta-methylene-l,4-diamine or N, N'-Bis(phenylazo) •ethylenetrimethylenediamine {called N.N'-Bis -benzoldiafco-[athylen-trimethylen-diamin] in

Gerl. CH2--CH2

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