Bistrinitrophenylthiodimethy Ibenzene or Dipicrylthiolzylene

(CH3)2C6H2tS-C6H2iN02>3]2; mW 592.48, N 14.19%. The following isomers are described in the literature: 2,4-Bis(2' 4',6'-trinitrophenyl-thio)-l,3-dimethylbenzene[ca\\ed 2.4-Bis(2.4.6 -trinitro-phenylmercapto)-1.3-dim ethyl-benzol or 2.4-Dimethyl-dithioresorcin-dipikrylather in Ger], yel crysts(from AcOH), mp 211-213°; was obtd by warming 2,4-dithio-l,3-dimethyl-benzene with 2 mols of picryl chloride in alc (Refs 1 & 2,p 142). Its expl props were not detd

4,6-Bis(2', 4', 6'-trinitrophenyltbio)• 1,3-di-methylbenzene, orn-col crysts+1 mol CgHg (from benz), mp 258-259.5°; sol in AcOH, et acet or benz; diffc so 1 in alc, eth, chlf or petr eth; was prepd by warming 4,6-dithio-l,-3-dimethylbenzene with 2 mols picrylchloride in alc(Refs 1 & 2,p 138)

2,6-Bis(2',4', 6' -trinitropbeny I tbio)-1,4- dimethyl -benzene, yel crysts(from et acet), mp 251-255°; sol in AcOH or et acet; si sol in alc. It was prepd in the same manner as the other isomers (Refs 1 & 2,p 147). Its expl props were not detd

3,5-Bis(2',4', 6' - trinitropbeny Ithio)- 1,2-dimethyl-benzene(listed in CA Coll Formula Index as 3,5-Dithio-o-xylene-dipicrate ), mp 202-203° (dec); was prepd and described in Ref 3. Its expl props were not detd Refs: l)Beil 1,(445,446) 2)J.Pollak & B. Schladler.Montsch 39,138,142,147(1918); JCS 114 1,497-498(1918) & CA 13,418-419(1919) 3)J.Pollak et al.Monatsh 55,358-78(1930) & CA 24,4005(1930)

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