254.32, O 25.17%; oil evolving C02 at RT; large quants can expl without apparent reason; was obtd when the anhydride of cyclohexane carboxylic acid in abs eth was shaken with 93% of the calcd quant of finely powd Ba02.8H20. Rapid concn of the eth soln in vacuo yielded the desired product

Refs: l)Beil- not found 2)F.Fichter & W. Siegrist,Helv 15,1304(1932) & CA 27,279(1933) 3)Tobolsky & Mesrobian( 1954), 179

Bishydrazicorbonyl or Diurea. See Note under 4 -Aminourazole, Vol l,p A272-L

3,6*Bi s(hydrazide)* l,2«dihydro* l,2,4,5*tetrazine

[called the Dihydrazid of 1.2-Dihydro- -tetrazin-dicarbonsaure-(3.6) in Ger], .NH-NHS

200.17, N 55.99%; yel crysts(from w), mp ca 265-275° (dec); sol in 800p boiling w; was obtd in an impure state by heating the diethylester of

1.2-dihydro-l,2,4,5-tetrazine-3,6-dicarboxylic acid with an excess of hydrazine hydrate or anhyd hydrazine

Its Hydrochloride, C4H8N802+2HC1, small violet-red crysts, exploded violently on heating Refs: l)Beil 26,570 2)T.Curtius & E.Rimele, Ber 41,3113-3114(1908) & CA 3,67(1909)

Bis(hydrazino)*dinitrobenzene and Derivatives l,3*Bis(hydrazino)*4,6*dinitrobenzene called [4.6-Dinitro-1.3-dihydrazino-benzol or 4.6-Dinitro -phenylendihydrazin-(1.3) in Ger], (H2N.NH)2C6H2(N02)2; mw 228.17, N 36.84%; brn ndls(from nitrobenz), mp 310°(decompg with a flash); other props and methods of prepn are given in Ref 1. This compd may be considered as the parent compd of the following unstable derivs:

1.3-Bis( benzylidenehydrazino)-4,6'dinitrobenzene, (C6H5.CH:N.HN)2C6H2(N02)2; mw 404.38, N 20.78%; red lfts(from nitrobenz), mp 302-304° (dec); mod sol in boiling nitrobenz; insol in ale or AcOH; was prepd by heating l,3-bis(hydrazino) -4,6-dinitrobenzene with benzaldehydp in aq ale HC1 or nitrobenzene(Refs 1 & 2,p 681) 1,3-Bis( diphenylmethylenehydrazino)-4,6-dinitro-benzene, [(C6Hs)2C:N.NH]2C6H2(N02)2; mw 556.56, N 15.10%; yel ndls(from nitrobenz), mp becomes brn ca 280°, dec 305°; mod sol in nitrobenz; almost insol in ale or AcOH; was prepd by heating l,3-bis(hydrazino)-4,6-dinitro-benzene with benzophenone in aq ale HC1, followed by addn of a Na acetate salt(Refs 1 & 2 ,pp 671, 682)

1,3-Bis(isopropylidenehydrazino)-4,6-dinitrobenz-ene,[(H,C)2C:N.NH]2C6H2(N02)2; mw 308.30,

N 27.26%; orn ndls(from AcOH or et acet), mp 234-235°(dec); was prepd by heating acetone with l,3-bis(hydrazino)-4,6-dinitrobenzene in aq ale HCl(Refs 1 & 2,p 681)


yel ndls(from ale or nitrobenz), mp 247°(dec); sol in boiling nitrobenz; diffc sol in boiling AcOH; almost insol in ale; was prepd by treating l,3-bis(hydrazino)-4,6-dinitrobenzene in boiling ale HCl with formaldehyde, followed by addn of Na acetate(Refs 1 & 2,p 680) l,3-Bis((i-phenylhydrazino)-4,6-dinitrobenzene, (C6Hs.NH.HN)2C6H2(N02)2; raw 380.36, N 22.10%; orn-red crysts(from acet+alc), mp 211-212°(dec); sol in acet or chlf; diffc sol in ale or eth; was obtd, together with 5-chloro-2,4-dinitrohydrazo-benzene, by the action of phenylhydrazine on 5 -chloro-l,2,4-trinitrobenzene(Refs 1 & 3) Refs: l)Beil 15,[266] 2)W.Borsche,Ber 54,671, 680-682(1921) & JCS 120 1,461(1921) 3)M-Giua, Gazz 51,312(1921) & JCS 120 1,551(1921)

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