LBishydroperoxycyclohexylperoxide or Bishydroperoxydicyclohexyl Peroxide


prisms(from dil AcOH) or ndls(from hot w), expl when heated in a flame; was prepd by treating cyclohexanone with an ethereal soln of H202 in the cold(Ref 2,p 17 & Ref 3)

Its Acetone Compound \ called "Isopropyliden -di-cyclohexyliden-triperoxyd" in Ger(Ref 2,p 11) and 17,17-Dimethyl-7,8,15,16,18,19-hexoxadispiro "[j. 2. 5- 5\-nonadecane in CA Formula Index for 1950}, H10C6-oo__c Ti . mw 302.36,

00-C(CH3)2-00 O 31.75%; col crysts(from methanol), mp 64°: expl by heat or friction; was obtd by allowing a mixt of l,l'-bis(hydroperoxycyclohexyl)-peroxide, anhyd acetone and anhyd Cu sulfate to stand for 14 days(Ref 2,p 18)

Refs: l)Beil- not found 2)R.Criegee et al,Ann 565,8 & 17-18(1949); CA 44,1917(1950) 3)Tobol-sky & Mesrobian( 1954), 179

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