NNBisstriazolylformamidine or

62.90%; wh rhombs, mp 285°; was prepd by boiling for 2 hrs 2 mols of 3-amino-s-triazole with an excess of over 1 mol of ethyl ortho-formate, followed by cooling. This high-nitrogen compd was patented as a stabilizer for photographic emulsions. Its expl props were not investigated

H.G.Suggate.USP 2534914(1950) & CA 45, 2350(1951) 3)Ibid,USP 2588538(1952) & CA 46,4405-6(1952)

Bis(triazo)*mesidine. See 2-Amino-4,6-di-

azido-mesitylene; Vol l,p A224-R to A225-L

Bis(triazo)*phenanthrenequinone. Same as Diazidophenanthrenequinone

Bis(triazo)«propanoU Same as Bisdiazidopro-panol

2,6*Bistriazo«4«trimethylammonium»l,4»benzo» quinone. See 2,6-Diazido-4-trimethylammonium -1,4-benzoquinone under Benzoquinoneimine and Derivatives

Bis(triethyl)Lead Styphnate,

(02N)3C6H[0Pb(CH2.CH3)g]2; mw 831.87, N 5.05%; yel crysts, mp expl 204°; was prepd by Burrows et al(Ref 2) by reacting a dil ale soln of triethyl acetate with an aq soln of disodium styphnate at 60°

It was proposed for use as an ignition compn in elec blasting caps

Refs: l)Beil- not found 2)L.A.Burrows et al, USP 2105635(1938) & CA 32,2357(1938)


C34H46N204. Its props and method of prepn are given in Conf ADL,"Synthesis and Testing of High Explosives", 3rd Rpt(1953),p 384 and 4th Rpt(1956),p 57

C22H22N204. Its props and method of prepn and its Bis(3,5»dinitro*2,4,6»trimethylbenzoyl) •furoxan Derivative, C22H18N6Ol2, are described in Conf ADL, "Synthesis and Testing of High Explosives", ¿rd Rpt(1953),pp 376 & 378


Same as Di(trimethylpyridino)-diazido-copper lr2«Bis(2',4',6'»trinitroanilino)*ethane. See under B is(anilino)-ethane

I,3«Bis(2',4',6'«trinitroanilino)»propane. See under Bis(anilino)-propane

4l4'*Bis(2,4,6«trinitrobenzeneazo)*azoxy* benzene. See under Bis(benzeneazo)-azoxy-benzene l,2*Bis(trinitroethyl amino)*benzene. See under Di(ethylamino)-benzene l,4»Bis[N(2',2',2'*trinitroethyl)*carboxamide] ■piperazine, yCH2.CH^

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