PNitrobenzenediazonium Wnaphtholsulfonate

02N.C6H4.N2.O.C10H6SO3H5 mw 373;56, N 11.31%; It orn crysts(from w at 40°), mp- dec 90-100°; expl on rapid heating. Can be prepd by reacting p-nitrobenzenediazonium chloride with 2,1-naphtholsulfonic acid in HCl. Warming the aq soln at 60° gives the diazooxy compd, while at 70° para red dye is formed. The diazooxy compd, 02N.C6H4.N2.0.C10H6.(S03-Na)-(1>2), pale orn-brn, very unstable, is best prepd from the above reactants in NaHC03,pptd by sodium chloride

Refs: l)Beil- not found 2)H.T.Bucherer & C. TamaJPraktChem 127,41(1930) & CA 24,4280 (1930)

Benzenediazonium TetrachIoroiodide(Diazobenz-ene Tetrachloroiodide), C6H5.N2.ICl4; mw373.87, N 7.50%; bright yel prisms(from dil soln of iodine trichloride in concd HCl), mp 88° (dec), sometimes explg. Was prepd by treating benzenediazonium chloride with a cooled soln of tetra-chloroiodic acid(HICl4). This compd is stable and can be kept indefinitely if sealed in glass or kept in a desiccator filled with chlorine Refs: l)Beil 16, [268] 2)F.D.Chattaway et al, JCS 12511,1980-2(1924)

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