Salts and Other Derivatives of Benzoic Acid Diazoniumhydroxide

Benzoic Acid-4-diazoniumhydroxide may be considered the parent compd of its salts, some of which are expl(Ref 1): Chloride,H02C.CgH4.N2-Cl, wh ndls, mp expl on heating(Refs 3 & 5); Nitrate, H02C.CgH4.N2.0.N02, wh ndls or prisms, mp expl on heating; readily sol in w(Refs 2 & 4); and Compound, C13H18N404, pale-yel powd(from benz by pptn with ligroin), readily sol in hot ale or benz; insol in ligroin or eth; was prepd by treating 1 mole of benzoic acid -4-di-azonium chloride with an alkaline soln of 2 moles of acetoxime. Its Silver salt, AgC13H)7N404, expl violently on heating(Ref 6) Refs: l)Beil 16,549 & [298] 2)I.Remsen & R.O. Graham,AmChemJ 11,326(1889) & JCS 56 11,975

681,239(1895) 4)G.F.Weida,AmChemJ 19,556

302(1902) & JCS 84 1,299(1903) 6)H.W.Bresler et

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