Upton JCS Formyliminoldiazonium benzoquinone

[called Formyl-p-phenylenediazoimide by Morgan & Upton(Ref 2) and Benzochinon-(1.4)-formylimid -diazid or N-Formyl-4-diazo-anilin in Ger(Ref 1)], 0HC.N:C6H4:N2+1.5H2O; mw 174.16, N 24.15%;

pale yel crysts, very unstable, darkens even in absence of light and evolves N2 at RT; mp expl ca 125-8°; was prepd by adding N-formyl-p-phenyl-enediamine to a soln of nitrous anhydride in cooled, dry acet; cooled dry eth was added to separate the prod

Refs: l)Beil 16,(371) 2)G.T.Morgin & A.W.Upton,JCS 111,190-3(1917)

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