European varieties. The color is generally darker and richer and by careful selection the most beautiful stocks can be procured at a fraction of the cost of imported wood of equal grade.

In some of the southern states, particularly Texas, the walnut produced is very close grained with fine pores and is marked with long dark streaks not unlike Circassian walnut. I have known of this wood being sold as Circassian in more than one instance. It has, however, more of a reddish cast and is softer, yet it ranks high as a wood for stocks by reason of its density 3nd the splendid finish which it takes.

One of the largest manufacturers of walnut veneer tells me that the very finest, most beautifully grained curly walnut in North America comes from Missouri, Kansas, and Indiana, in the order named; and the poorest, from the standpoint of density, figure and strength, comes from Iowa. Some very finely figured wood also comes from the semi-mountainous districts in southeastern Oklahoma, as well as from many eastern states.

American walnut will average between 37 and 38 pounds, which weight produces a stock which balances ┬╗bout right with our modern


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Black And White Striped Leather Pants

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edge with the layer caused by the annual ring formation showing on the flat sides. Edge grain as presented in the quarter sawed plank is stronger if the strain is brought to bear against the flat sides. However, since the strain on a stock usually comes in the direction of the bend at the grip, it is found that the "board" sawed lumber is better adapted to resist such strain. (See figure 39.) But, if one

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