Fiq. 134

Medium Slock

Thin Stock

shows an arc welder at work and illustrates the operation clearly. As for acetylene welding, the edges must be widely scarfed, and the welder touches the work with the welding rod at short intervals, forming an arc which deposits the molten metal each time it is lifted. The illustration below shows a piece that has been arc welded, before the excess metal has been dressed off.

When sending work out, the welder should always be instructed to not dip the job to cool it after welding. Let it cool gradually, otherwise the joint may harden so that annealing is necessary before it can be finished. When doing any welding or bending on bolt, receiver, or other hardened or heat treated part, the portions subject to wear or pressure (locking lugs, lug recesses, cams, etc.) must be protected by wrapping with wet rags or waste.

The various specific alterations and repairs involving the use of soldering, brazing and welding are discussed in detail in the next chapter. W3

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