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EP No. 5 ANTI PERSONNEL MINE. DETONATOR exploder, open end first and smear with

Weight of mine 8 oz. Explosive fil- Place the exploder in the prepared ling Gelignite or TNT. Main filling 1 1/2 hole and pack earth around the sides oz. CB and a five oz. layer of TNT. with earth to support it, leaving the

Arming. Prepare hole and examine top clear. Insert the selected plunger, plunger for fit in cannister. If OK, complete with "prongs" gently into grease. Insert ampule, red end first in-plunger guide and lower slowly until it to open end of detonator and seal flush is resting on the detonator, with luting. Examine the hole at the Disarming. Destroy in site if possi-

side of the exploder to insure that it ble' otherwise, gently uncover and lift is clear. Wrap tape around detonator. mlne out' ^ aside f°r destruction. Insert tape and detonator gently into


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