And Approach

(b) FUt or rolling terrain Is dealreblei howaefr, ia mouatalneua er UDj country. m» »«tec ted at higher aleralions awe h u level platease cu be a» «f.

(c> Small ▼ alley« or pockets completely eurrounded by hllle are difficult to locate and ahould act acrmally be used.

(d) !n order to aííord the aireupporl usit flexibility In »electing the IP, It la desirable ihrni the aircraft be able to approach the «Arget site from any dl reçu on.

(e) There should be an opea approach quadrant of at least SO® to alio* the aircrew » choice when determining tietr approach track from the IP.

(f) DZ's s »legi« clear line of approach ere acceptable (er medium aircraft, provided t ® 1« al er el turning railus of 3 mi les, (5 kilometers) on etch aide of the aite {l > -r t.S kilometers for bgbt aircraft) (Figore ]).

Expedient Platter Charge

u LIAS i rear tAST


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