Cardboard Cylinder

k. Tin Can Grenade,

Mate rials Required.

Tin can, jar or almilar container.

Bolts, nuts, metal scrap, etc.

Commercial or improvised Blade Powder.

Commercial or improvised fuse cord.

Cardboard or hoary paper and tape.


1. Tape cardboard or heary paper into a cylinder approximately 1/2 the diameter of the tin can or other container.

2. Insert the fuse into one and cf this cylinder, pack tightly with black powder and tape the ends closed.

3. Insert the cylinder Into the can a» shown in Figure 23 and surrousd with bolts, nuts, metal scrap and/or stones. Closa the can with a lid which has a holt in the center for the fuse to pasa through. Li the container used lid. It may be closed with a piece of wood, metal or cardboard of the raqpired slae taped In place.

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