Chapter Air Operations


a. Automatic Heeupply Plan. Thie plan prorldoa for initial automatic replacement of eecentlal equipment and «uppllee, primarily communications equipment, immediately afUr Infiltration.

(1) Prelnflltration planning includes: DZ selection, DZ marking«, drop time and data, and auppllea to bo dropped.

(2) Immediately after Infiltration provide for replacement of esaentlal equipment and aupplies. particularly communications equipment.

(3) The automatic re supply plan may be received aa planned, modified, or may be cancelled after Infiltration, once contact la established with the SFOB.

(4) If the detachment faJLe to contact the SFOB after infiltration, tha drop ia executed «a preplanned.

b. Emergency Rasupply Plan. ThA« plan prorldes for emergency replacement of auppllea and equipment essential to ladiTldual aurrlval, communications, and combat throughout tha time that tha detachment la In the operational area.

(1) Pre Infiltration planning lacludea: protlalooal D2 «election to be confirmed after Infiltration, DZ marking«, drop date and time bated upon the emergency, and euppllea to be dropped.

(2) After infiltration 1» completed and communications established with the SFOB. the emergency DZ location (which la known only to the apeclal forcea detachment member«) la either confirmed or a new location is designated.

(3) The preplanned emergency resupply drop I a normally executed after the detachment mi «sea a specified, eoaeecutlre number of scheduled communlcatlona contacts.


a. General. The eelectlcnof aDZ must aetiefy the requirement« of both the aircrew and the reception committee. The aircrew must be able to locate and Identify the DZ. Tha reception committee «electa a site that li accessible, reasonably secure, and permits safe delivery of Incoming personnel and/or supplies.


Air conldfr.Uon..

(a) Tbe feiieral area «urroundlnf the eUemuat be relsttvtly fr*e from obetacles which nuy toUrfer. »lib «aft fllgtit.

Situation map sketch(incluoe principal terrain feat-

|ures;im mediate «venues of approach; observation and î coordinates).


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