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k. Lmproviaed Ammonium Nitrate Satchel Charge. While the cratering charge referred to earlier la undeniably a good one. It is really only suitable for cratering use. A more manageable charge can be produced from AN, using wax as the second Ingredient, rsther than oil. The procedure for mailing this charge Is merely to melt ordinary pare/In and atir is AN pellets, insuring that the wax is thoroughly mixed with the AN white still hot. Before the mixture hardens add s one-half pDund block of TNT. or its equivalent, as a primer. A number 10 can makes a good container for this charge although practically anything may be uaed. The addition of 9uiUble shrapnel material and a handle to the exterior of the charge makes an excellent expedient satchel charge that Is more manageable than the AN and oil mixture and much less susceptible to moisture. In iact, thie charge can be stored for extended periods without regard to humidity and without loss of effectiveness.

oughly together, then add the water ud stir vigorously. Pour the resulting mix Into a »old, let harden, and dry for 2 to S weeks. While they are difficult to Ignite, a dry mix of 3 part» of oxide end 2 parte of aluminium powder ahould be used. These bricks burn withlntense heat and axe suitable (or melting mild steel.

h. C4 As An Incendiary. Most plastic explosives, Including C3 aod C4 caa be ueed is an IncendLlary. They are easy to Ignite and bum with i hot flame of long duration,

1. Sulfuric Acid caa be ueed to Ignite chloral« and sugar. An expedient method of obtaining sulfuric told le ai follow«: Drain the liquid from one or more wet cell batter lee. place It In a glass, pottery or ceramic container« and beat 1L AS the liquid cornea to e boll It will begin to emit a dense wklU smoke. Remove the remaining liquid from tbeheat, allow to oool, and plane It In a tightly stoppered glass bottle. Test the acid before each operational nee.

J. Fire bottle. Fill a glass bottle about one-fifth to one-fourth full with sulfuric acid. Fill the remainder with gasoline, kerosene, or s oombinatlcn of both. Add water to potassium chlorate and sugar mix« and »oak rags In the mix. Wrap the rags around the bottle» Ue in place, and allow to dry. When thrown, the bottle will break« the sold will Ignite the chlorate sugar saturated rage, which In turn win Ignite the fuel.

a. Thermite.

I'se any site can with sticks u odor taped to sides and cut small hole in bottom. Cover bottom with paper. Place round slick wrapped in piper In middle of can. F1U bottom of oan 1/4 Inch with magnesium. Over this place mixture of 3 parts ferric oxide and 2 parts aluml-dam powder. Remove stock and fill bole with mixture 3 parts potesslum chlorate and 1 part sugar. On top of this place paper bag containing chlorate-sugar mixture. Place fuze In top. ump with din or clay.

Figure 19

b. Moiotov Cocktail.

Figure 20 c. Satchel Charge.

FUI 2 to Uee

Figure 19

bottle with eapalm, felly gas or 1 ratio mixture of gas and oil. wick of rag or cotton dipped

In wax. Light before throwing.

d. Improvised Black Powder.

(I) Materials required Percent by Wt. Parte by Vol.

Potas s (um Nitrate

Powdered Charcoal

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