Chemical Delay Igniter

This consists of an aluminum body containing a cocked striker which is retained by a celluloid disc. When the igniter is armed, a quantity of acetone is released to surround the celluloid disc, which, after a certain lapse of time, is sufficiently softened to allow the release of the striker. (Use plastic today) .

Different times of delay are indicated by the color of the threaded portion in the middle of the igniter body. From a limited number of tests, the following times have been obtained:-

Bright aluminum 1.45 hours Steel gray 2.03 hours

Red 3.00 hours

To arm the igniter.

Withdraw the U safety pin, holding the igniter with the end cap downwards. Then screw in the cap to its limit.

This igniter cannot be disarmed. If found in an armed condition it should be unscrewed from the charge immediately and the detonator removed via the collar.

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