Ciiu Mine

This mine is a dovetailed wooden box with a hinged lid, it contains a single block charge of 20.0 grams of explosive. It is operated by a 22.42 igniLer.

The igniter screws into the block charge and is inserted through a hole in the side of the box. The striker and the actuating-pin holding the striker pro-

trudes through the hole in such a way that the recessed lid can bear on the actuating-pin. Pressure on the lid may then push out the pin and operate the mine.

To prepare the mine.

(a) Unscrew protecting cap from igniter.

(b) Insert a detonator in charge, open and outwards.

(c) Push the igniter through the hole in the mine and screw into prepared charge.

(d) Turn the actuating-pin so that the link is below the striker.

(e) Close the lid carefully.

N.B. The mine should be prepared at the place where it is to be laid. There are no safety devices so when already prepared, it becomes dangerous.

Pressure reguired; 6 to 11 lbs. to operate the mine.

Arming; as above.

To neutralize the mine.

(a) Examine lid and the igniter for booby-trap. If present, neutralize them.

(b) Lift lid carefully and extract igniter.

(c) Unscrew the igniter and remove detonator from charge.

To lift the mine. Attach 50 yards of cable and pull, from under cover.

See special note under "Ski-mine".


This mine consists of a rectangular box with a wedge-shaped hinge lid. It is made of Bakelite and contains three pieces of deeply grooved metal for fragmentation effect.

The mine operates from pressure on the lid, which causes the latter to descend and push out a specially shaped striker cocking arm.

To prepare the mine.

(a) Using the ring at the end of the striker, cock the latter until the outer hole in the striker is visible and put a safety-pin or wire through this hole.

(b) Unscrew the collar on the end of the striker holder and insert a special detonator through the collar.

(c) Screw in the collar with the detonator in place.

(d) Insert the detonator in the charge and lay the detonator holder so that the flange is inside the box.

To arm the mine.

(b) Pull out the striker until the second hole in it is visible. Insert from the underside, the specially shaped pin.

(c) Close the lid and remove the ring from the end of the striker.

(d) Remove the safety wire from the outer hole in the striker.

To neutralize the mine.

Insert a wire in the hole in the striker nearest the special pin.

To lift the mine.

(a) Neutralize the mine.

(b) Attach 50 yards length of cable to the outermost hole in the striker and pull, from under cover.

(c) Leave the mine and detonator conspicuously marked.

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