a. General. A reception committee is formed to control the drop sons or landing area. The reception committee can be anyone who is capable of performing the following duties. A permanent committee for each unit provides tha beat reeulta, eliminating the need to croaa train every one to be capable of ihia mission. However, training in depth should be acoompllabed to insure that losses of key personnel will not adveraely. affect the operation of the group as a whole.

(1) Provide eecurtty for the reception operation.

(2) Emplace DZ markings and air ground identification equipment.

(3) Maintain anrvelUance of the tlte prior to and following the reception operation.

(4) Recover end dlspoee of incoming peraonnel and/cr cargo.


(S) Provide for dispatch of personnel and/or cargo in evacuation cpera-

(4) Provide for sterilization of the site {when eecrecy la poeslble and desirable only).

j. VtW® kr« for UyUj* «iatWúH of DX'a, iWy urn poalUoa-

wf «i u mci« oí «rprwúmtuty iS° fro m o» Mrlto 1*1 to prwca! Um mabbmm •ur.'tc« towird Um »pprowtfUnf klirren <Fl|urt 10).

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