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Total weight of mine 8 1/3 lb.

Explosive filling 4 lbs. TNT or Baratol.

Minimum Safe Spacing with Sarbo rings 2 yards* without,! 5 yards. Rings are not used now.

Can be submerged in water for 48 hours. 90% waterproof. Two types of fu ses are used, British and S.A. Patterson, in 2 parts. British type has no shear pin, so must be disposed of.

Arming. (A) Lay mine in prepared hole. Unscrew base plug and leave underneath mine. (B) Screw No. 1 fuse in finger-tight. (C) Cover and camouflage,

Disarm. (A) Turn mine on its side. (B) Unscrew No. 1 fuse and lift mine.


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